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My name is Maria Vetterlein. Born in Argentina, I have later lived in many countries. I work as a photograph and Art Therapist in Berlin.

I live and work in Germany since more than two decades. 



I began making photographs at a time when I was working in film cycles and festivals. My gaze was unconsciously looking for that cinematic way of seeing. Over time my interests mutated towards people and nature. I realized that nothing is perennial, and there is one moment in all moments wich matters what interested me in a special way. 

I want my photographs to be like intimate dreams. Somebody said once that they are like visual haikus. Regardless of style or technique, I look for a lasting imprint in the moment. However, it is transience that fascinates me, how the human body and the nature can be almost ghostly.







Selected Exhibitions

Historias en la palma de la mano: Wallintervention. Annual Group of the Photographer Valeria Bellusci. Argentina.

Group exhibition - Annual Group of the Photographer

Guillermo Ueno: Gemelos Photography, Argentina.

Fotofest Buenos Aires, Group exhibition in Austria Park. Contest under category Body

Kurator: Ataúlfo Pérez Aznar.

Solo exhibition: Sense of Color, T-Raum,


Solo Exhibition: Spatial Issues, Interstices of Society,

T-Raum, Offenbach

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